Dated: 11/26/2010


WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, HEREIN PETITION the Congress of the United States of America to enact, as soon as reasonably possible, legislation which would amend the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act and all other related federal statutes necessary to establish the following regarding the testing and monitoring of drugs and biologics distributed and sold within the United States:

(a) That the sponsoring pharmaceutical company would continue to design and submit the written protocols and guidelines for the intended clinical investigation of the sponsor’s drug or biologic at the time of filing the Investigational New Drug (IND) application;
(b) That once the protocols and guidelines are approved by the FDA, all future premarket clinical investigations would no longer be conducted under the direct or indirect supervision and control of the sponsoring pharmaceutical company;
(c) That a new entity would be created within the National Institutes of Health – the Clinical Investigations Institute (CII) – which upon the FDA’s approval of the study protocols would assume all supervision and control of the clinical investigations;
(d) That among its duties and responsibilities, the CII would screen and select all clinical investigators to be used in the clinical investigations, supervise the investigators during the course of the investigations, secure all patient charts, laboratory studies and other records directly from the investigators, compile all relevant data from the records and create statistics from same, and submit the CII’s statistical analysis and findings and conclusions to the FDA;
(e) That upon receipt of the investigational records and upon completion of its statistical analysis and findings and conclusions, the CII would provide copies of same to the sponsoring pharmaceutical company, which shall have the prerogative of abandoning and dismissing the IND at any time;
(f) That all personnel within the CII and all selected clinical investigators shall sign a written conflict-of-interest form representing under oath that neither they nor any members of their families have any financial or other interest in the sponsoring pharmaceutical company, which shall include criminal penalties if untruthful or in any way violated; and
(g) That one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of CII and all of its operation shall be paid for by IND user fees collected from sponsoring pharmaceutical companies.

(a) That the deadlines of 10 months for a standard review and 6 months for a priority review of New Drug Applications (NDAs) and New Biological Applications (BLAs) under the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) shall be eliminated and replaced by a standard to complete “reasonably prompt” reviews of drug and biologic submissions;
(b) That a reasonably prompt assessment shall, under appropriate circumstances, entail approving a drug or biologic conditional upon completing the clinical studies postmarket, such as drugs intended for long-term use undergoing long-term clinical studies;
(c) That drugs or biologics which are intended to treat a potentially fatal condition or illness, or a condition or illness that involves severe and prolonged suffering and/or a substantial amount of medical expenses, shall be given a “priority” designation;
(d) That an NDA or BLA which receives a priority designation shall have a fast-track review, conditional upon completing the clinical studies postmarket with the same thoroughness and effectiveness of assessment as a standard review;
(e) That the user fee system under the PDUFA and current number of personnel within the drug division of the FDA shall be retained, with said user fees paying for at least 50% of the drug division’s budget, and the method of calculating said fees based upon the FDA’s determination of the amount needed to complete reasonably prompt reviews of NDA and BLA submissions and to give equal consideration to drug accessibility and drug safety;
(f) That the patent life of the drug or biologic under review shall be tolled between the date of filing the NDA or BLA and the date of final decision of the FDA on the application for market approval; and
(g) That the “sunset clause” of the PDUFA, requiring its termination every 5 years unless renewed, shall be eliminated and the PDUFA become permanent, unless later amended.
The following signators to this petition urge that Congress give full deference to their view that the above changes are in the best interests of the residents and citizens of the United States; that their intended benefits are to save lives and health care costs; and that these benefits and values far outweigh the special interests of the drug industry.



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